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In a short while, our first set of eager-to-learn MVMS Online Academy Students will have access to their courses!  I recall that we got a valid question from one of our amazing students-to-be and thought it would be great to address for you to see. “What’s the difference between taking an online course and learning makeup artistry from you-tubers?”


When we teach makeup at MVMS, we focus on equipping our students with all current techniques and processes on how to create a masterpiece and make it consistent. Learning from YouTube and other social media platforms keeps your focus on the final look…or “how to create the look” rather than the details and techniqies you must know to be able to make your skill consistent.  E.g . Teaching you songs rather than music to help you create your own songs.


 When you know the basic techniques that can be combined to create any look, then you can see a look and know every technique possible to create that look. Better still, you can create YOUR OWN LOOKS because that is what creativity is about. No one can teach you how to be creative. But you can learn the techniques to express that creativity.


While aYouTube or Instagram video tutorial on how to achieve a full look will get more views than one that teaches the fundamentals of color theory and how to apply it to makeup artistry a knowledgeable person knows that there will be more benefits focusing on the fundamentals. The fundamentals teach you all you need to know to make your success constant. You understand the reasons for the things you should and shouldn’t do and this is the best way to stay on course. Reasons!


Need I mention that you can ascertain the credibility of an online makeup school in a way that you may be unable to verify the credibility of many YouTubers to the point of using knowledge acquired there as a basis of delving into makeup professionally.


In an online makeup school, you will be challenged through home work and practice to practice on different faces and send in your work for evaluation and correction and trust me, this beats any tutorial.

If you follow through your online classes with commitment, you will get a makeup training that will rival any physical one.


You hold the key to being the possible best you can be in your career. Give your practice and homework a 101% and you’re on your way to super-stardom in makeup artistry.
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 How do I jump-start my makeup career? 


This is one question that every successful makeup artist has had to ponder on and sometimes, vocalise.


Whether you intend to practice your beauty profession full time or part time, you need to have a strategy on how to build and grow your business and this is one step to getting there.


The best way to strategize is to have a goal in mind. Setting a goal keps you focused and not easily distracted. Just ensure you don’t make it complex- short term goals are the way to go. When your goal is set, your destination is in view and finding your route is made easier.


This goal must be something that can help your brand grow and not merely for immediate gratification. In fact, you may want to block all possibilities of instant gratification in order for you to achieve greater results for now. The time for that will come.


So once your goal is set, the next thing you want to do is ask yourself this very valid question. “Is my skill marketable?” Be as honest as possible to yourself when answering this.


If you’re not able to answer honestly in the affirmative, then your immediate goal should be to GET BETTER by ACTIVE SERVICE. Find a great makeup artist to intern with and you will find yourself learning some of your most valueable techniques during this window. Thank me later!  If you’re paid during the internship, that will be great but this should not be your aim.


If you answered that question with a “Yes”, the next phase for your business is to get seen!
You need to get seen, not necessarily by the world but by your potential clients or links to your potential clients. One of the best ways to introduce yourself into this industry is to offer a free-service period to possible clients.
This process will involve you networking, meeting people and offering them your contact and informing them of your free service and what it entails, (convenience,referral and feedback e.t.c). You maust make sure to COMMUNICATE what you expect from them and always request for a candid feedback.
Ever heard the saying “The taste of the pudding is in the eating” ?


Fortunately makeup artistry is a service-based business and just like many service-based businesses, what matters the most is the total quality of your service and not how long you’ve been in business so fret not.


Did you find this post helpful? Please let us know. You can send us topics you’d like to read about via our Instagram page @millevisagesmakeupschool 


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