Hi, my name is Shalom Stephen-Ojj AKA Shalzmakeupgeek . I’m a makeup artist but most of all a Makeup Educator. I absolutely relish any opportunity to glam up a client or model, but most especially, I am even more fulfilled when I have an opportunity to transfer the knowledge I have gathered over time to aspiring or practicing makeup artists through teaching.
This post won’t be complete without me making an admittance, because the whole purpose of all posts that will come up here is to take as many people as I can up this ladder of entrepreneurship I’m climbing – I have been procrastinating picking up blogging as an obligation, in spite of the fact that I have a huge flair for writing (people say I write like I talk, I’ve stopped seeing that as a flaw but as a great gift).
Now what was has been my biggest discouragement from picking up blogging? I knew that if I wanted to blog, I wouldn’t be doing it for the bucks, so I needed to focus on areas that I would be passionate about, but at the same time, not already over flogged areas like makeup artistry which is my field.

I knew there had to be a way I could reach out to more people than doing one face at a time, and much more than teaching a group of 10 students per makeup training program at the school, but I have always EARNESTLY desired a message!I remember the days I would kneel down and pray, “Lord, I know make up is such a vain profession, but that’s one of the special gifts you gave me, please show me how I can use this gift to your glory”. So typically,I would gladly oblige to any opportunity to offer my services, especially in my church without charge, as I see it as service to God which it actually is. Not that I think so differently now o (so hollup with the judging …hehe) but my point is I have a better understanding of many other ways to serve God using this beautiful gift that’s so similar to what God does- beautify people!

I will eternally be grateful for the day STEPHANIE OBI, (amazing counselor) spritzed into the studio for a makeup session through a referral from my friend Jennifer of Yanga Beauty , she is God’s medium to me in this aspect of my life-I mean the hunger to reach out to more people with my gift. She probably will never know that I have her name stored on my phone as STEPH FROM GOD…lol.

So my tutorials or testaments as I love to call them, would not be focusing just on teaching or sharing about the skill of makeup, because obviously that is being beautifully explored by many of my colleagues, but it will be about something i think is soooo important but overlooked- BUILDING A SUCCESSFUL MAKEUP BUSINESS(Starting up to Sustaining it).
I’m going to be borrowing the experiences of other makeup artists who have gone ahead and would be gracious enough to be of help, because a myriad of lessons will make this experience even richer, and so I’m not going to be depending on mine alone.  So get your friends and colleagues over here to share, after all, the more the merrier abi?

Pleaaase, Stay closeby as you guys are going to be the only reason for me to go ahead on here. Hugs and kisses in advance for being such huge supporters.

Most importantly, be prosperous for surely you are meant to be!

…love, now and always,
Shalom (shalzmakeupgeek)