Hi Prosper! I’m getting used to spending my Fridays sharing with you, and that helps me because it makes me more sensitive to the things that happen to me and around me, which I hear is good for one’s spirit. So, how was your week?
Mine was challenging, but splendid too. Many things! I began the week somewhat sad as it was the week of my Dad’s transition and it came with the saddest and fondest memories of Him. Then my Studio rent was due..ghenghenn…we all know that feeling when you have to make a debit of bulk money from your savings at once, I mean I was tempted to tell the Landlord, “Oga I’m allergic to bulk debits, can I pay it in 20 installments?” But most of all I’m bursting with gratitude from God because it is only someone who He has blessed with a viable business that can worry about rent o my dear. Then I took loads of pictures this week as you can see(batting my lash less lids) Hehehe, I was feeling fly with my new Crochet braids that everyone thinks is a weavon.
Ok! With the occupational background I had, I know that God was simply building me to be fit for what I am now and what I’m going to be. He knew just what my strengths and flaws were and exactly how to give me all the training I needed to have. Did you read my last post? Please try to biko, it will help you follow better in this one. Now if you did, The question probably on your mind right now is how did working in a Bank, and in a school prepare me to up a Makeup business and a Makeup School. Remember I only had a raw drive for business and craft, I had no other and I mean ABSOLUTELY no other idea about how to start, what to put in place, managing a business.
1. I needed to develop good negotiation skills as people are quicker to downplay the value of your service when a tangible or physical item isn’t the output of your service. Marketing and Customer service in Diamond Bank taught me that.
2. I needed to have an idea on how to RUN a business. Working with a plan, a structure, a timeline, handling external and internal changes. I learnt as I worked closely with women successfully holding the fort running their own schools.


Now do I think all these happened by just incidence? I think not! Let me take your mind to Moses, He was a shepherd in the desert for 40 long years, he must have hated the process and probably himself, but God was preparing for Him for another 40 years of wandering in the wilderness and shepherding His people which was his key purpose. While Moses was overwhelmed with uncertainty while tending his father-in-law’s sheep for 40years, he didn’t know he was being built up to tend to God’s own sheep for the same 40years. Haha, God blows my mind! That’s exactly what he did to me with all my experiences as I’ve shared with you. All the while, God was working in me, for me, with me and on me and when he works; he does it both on the outside and the inside! Prior to all of this, I was a retired bead maker, with only the raw talent of craft but not fit to run a business. I didn’t like the process o, remember I had one boss I didn’t like and I bet she didn’t like me too, then many days I thought I wasn’t going to survive the next day. If I knew better then, I’d savor every moment of it! I’d have been twice as committed and effective on each job. Now that I know better, I know I don’t have to like the process, God is constantly working to turn me into a product that I would love!

Time up baybay! I have this new hair I have to rock this weekend. Somebody tell my husband to take me out to someplace special, I need to show off this weekend mehn. Don’t be too serious his weekend, have some pure fun and while you’re at it, stay Prosperous, for surely you are!

Love Always

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  1. Ozichi Ijeoma Omotade 3 years ago

    Yeah. It amazes me how God took Moses to the desert to prepare him for ministry IN THE DESERT.

    Blessed by this reminder.
    Great work sis!

  2. amaka 3 years ago

    Thank God for his guidance. The Lord who began his work in you will be faithful to complete it in u.AWESOME MAKEUP ARTIST /GEEk

  3. Esther Ogana 3 years ago

    God is Omniscience after all and it is true that all things works together for our good.
    Your steps are ordered my dear and I’m happy you are one of the many that can see God in it all.

    Nice piece, you rock gal!

  4. steph 3 years ago

    Oh I like this Moses story, I’ve never thought about it in this light. Thanks for sharing

  5. Tosin 3 years ago

    This hair suits you so well. What’s the name of the extension? How much do you make crochet braids at your salon?

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