Did your eyes just pop at d sight of the title ? Yes, a good number of us would have been jailed repeatedly for the numerous crimes we commit against our faces daily.

Thou shall moisturize your face before applying makeup:

Having an oily skin is a common excuse for skipping this step, but shouldn’t be. In fact, not using a moisturizer after washing your face, before using your makeup “provokes” your skin to produce more oils. Thankfully, there are oil-free moisturizers in the market that aren’t too pricey and make our entire makeup settle well on us, leaving us with no excuses for not moisturizing before makeup.
(Whisper: a moisturizer will make your face less prone to a breakout from long wear of makeup)

Thou shall blend the edges of your face PROPERLY after applying your foundation.

A foundation, just as the name implies acts as a base for the rest of your makeup to create a more lasting wear. So just as the foundation of a building isn’t meant to be seen, your foundation(though with the needed coverage) should be made as invisible as can be, and should not form a line at the edge of your jaw line. Blend with a brush or sponge into the surrounding area(neck and ears).

Thou shall not use a black or red pencil for your brows.

I have to admit here that I’m usually “awestruck” whenever I see any color that’s not a brown used as a brow pencil.(I wonder what ladies that use red are thinking). The popular choice of black brow pencil is due to the perception that our brow hairs are black which creates a very un-natural effect. (Whisper: pencil thin brows aren’t in style anymore, a nice arch that compliments your face will do.)

Thou shall not leave bare skin between your eyeliner and your lashes.

You can fix this by stretching your lid with your forefinger and going as close to your lashes as possible, then come back to fill any gaps. Your liner should accentuate your eyes without saying “hey, I’ve got my eyes lined”. Gel and liquid liners are easier to work with.

Thou shall not apply blush as a circle on the apples of your cheeks.

Your blush can add a pop of glow and life to your face as it can make u clown-like. Blush should be applied on your cheekbones in an outward direction towards your ears. You can make a fish-face to find your cheekbones, smiling will hide them and make you apply your blush higher than appropriate. Bear in mind too that with the blush, less is better, so you can soften your blush by going over it with some powder.

Thou shall not line your lips without blending the lines all around.

We know it’s called a lip liner, but to redefine and perfect the shape of your lips from your cupid all the way round. Line your lips making the extra effort (with a lip brush or your lightest finger ) to blend the color into your lips in order to get rid of any harsh lines.

Thou shall not be completely “anti-makeup”. Some ladies would rather be completely natural “no matter the occasion “. But applying makeup isn’t an all or nothing deal! I hold special sentiments to this particular commandment probably because of my profession, but hey…whether it’s a simple concealing of dark circles or a little nude lipgloss or blush to warm up the skin, almost everyone can benefit from SOME makeup.

Whatever you do, keep being beautiful and always remember that no matter what goes out of style, well applied makeup is always in style .



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