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It has definitely been more than a while. My apologies. So a few months back, I wrote this article for 100 percent woman, a  South African magazine (www.100percentwoman.co.za) and i thought to post a part of it for you.

Makeup, just like fashion, evolves with new trends and styles, though a bit more slow paced . As a result of this, there’s usually a tendency for us to move with the trend and somewhat disregard our own facial peculiarities. There’s definitely nothing wrong with trying out new stuff with our looks, but be sure get second opinion especially from people that have a great sense of style before you “go public”. Also remember that- because it looks good on Brenda doesn’t mean it’l be cool on you.

Your Lips

Your lips are either full, thin, or medium. During the trend of using very contrasting lip liners and lipsticks, if you’re a sister with really thin lips, this might not b very ideal for you. Though it’s always necessary for you to line your lips for definition before applying your lipstick, using very contrasting colours (a deep brown n a pink) would only make your lips look “button size” which we must admit isn’t very flattering. Using matte lipsticks without a hint of gloss though workable, depending on the shade of your lip colour wouldn’t be as glam on you as when u wear it glossy or creamy as that adds volume and dimension to your lips. (Light colours add volume to almost anything it’s on- from ur body to your lips.) so quit wishing you could afford a lip botox and rock your bright lippies with some gloss.

Hey full-lipped sisters! I hope u love your lips, some people could pay a fortune to get’em. Who told you dark lip liners were made for you? Well maybe…but hey, u can rock almost anything. Here’s d trick for you, don’t wear any lippies that would give your lips more volume (they’re already your perfect size). Cut down on the use of glosses except when u have very contrasting liners n lipsticks on. Rock your nude colours if they’re in style and you like them. Don’t be afraid to try out an all-red lipstick (matte only please), just be sure to get the shade that suits your complexion. If you have medium sized lips, you have the advantage of being able to explore around trends-from colours to textures to liners. But bear in mind that dark colours would make ur lips look smaller and bright colours give a fuller effect. So girls, make your selections based on the pout effect you’d like to create.

Your Eyes

For flattering your eyes, the trick is in knowing what dark/ light colours do To your eyes. Black liners close up /reduce your eyes while white liners open up / brighten and give your eyes a lift when they’re droopy or look tired. For slight redness in the eyes, a white liner in the waterline then a black or brown one on the lash-line just outside the whitened waterline. (This only applies for considerably slight redness otherwise eye makeup should be avoided totally) .So when coloured liners get in vogue, make your choice concerning what suits your eyes- black liners to create smaller eyes and white or other light shades for those bolder or more prominent eyes.

I already have gone past where i thought i would but for you, I’m sure it’s worth it. See you soon girls, and for the guys that snuck a peek(lol)…enjoy!

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    That idea is good.

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